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DJ Mona-Lisa (Amari) Songs-The Mother & Son Collaboration on Reverbnation

Singer and songwriter, Amari (DJ Mona-Lisa) exotic photograph.

Singer and songwriter, Amari (DJ Mona-Lisa) exotic photograph.

Amari’s latest album entitled, “Sleepless Nights” includes amazing beautiful renditions such as “Goddess“, “Don’t Wanna Lose You“. “Sex You” and “The Epistle“. “Sex you” was recorded at Amari’s childhood home in Jamaica followed by “Juicy Ain’t It” ft Anwar.

Juicy Ain't It

Hit single, Juicy Ain’t It by Amari (DJ Mona-Lisa) ft Anwar

Rapper, Anwar born Terry Fung-Chung and Amari born Veneice Fung-Chung, both R&B/Hip-Hop recording artists made quite an impact in the mother and son collaboration. They both compose their own lyrics; one could never possible guess that they are related in the hit song-they are truly an inspiration to their fans and each other.

The music celebrities also have a “tight” musical bond.

Watch out for more upcoming hit renditions by Amari (DJ Mona-Lisa) in the near future.
Listen at http://reverbnation.com/djmonalisa

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